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2017-18 FCA School Calendar



Empowerment Scholarship Program (ESA)

New Students Entering Grades K, 1, 6 New legislation passed in SB1431 will become law as of August 9, 2017 offering ESA Scholarships up to $4,400 per year per student entering Kindergarten, 1st, and 6th grade. The AZ Department of Education is currently actively working to open application for new eligibility categories.
***For incoming Kindergarten students, please visit the above website ASAP and enter your name and email on the wait list to receive the application.


END OF YEAR VIDEO 2016-2017 



Tuesday, March 14th

Crazy Hair & PJ Day!

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Wednesday, March 15th

Way Back Wednesday!  Dress from any time period and bring a change of clothes!

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Thursday, March 16th

School T-Shirt Day, Early Dismissal, Student Showcase & Potluck



March 16th at 12:00pm

Our amazing students will showcase their work for parents and family during the Student Showcase and Potluck on March 16th at 12:00pm right after early dismissal.  We will fellowship, share a meal, and acknowledge the hard work of our students in science, art, music, and Bible memory!  They have been working really hard on a few surprises for parents!

SPRING BREAK:  MARCH 19th – 25th

Spring is in the air!


What are we learning?

Kindergarten-1st Grade: We counted to 100!! Students brought in 100 items from home! And showed off there amazing counting skills and cool items they collected from home.

2nd Grade: Second graders are learning all about the body systems this year! We learned how to calculate heart rate in BPM and conducted a series of timed events starting with walking and escalating to full jumping jacks for two whole minutes! They had a blast doing this hands on activity! We also learned about the anatomy of the cardiovascular system. Looking at anatomy is always a great testament to how amazing and beautiful God’s power and creativity are! Our class scored 110% on our science test! Way to go!

5th Grade: Students are learning all about weight and capacity! Does the amount of capacity change the weight? We guessed weights then compared sizes and weighed items with scales.

Our Trip to Spain!
Nosotros viaje a España! This week we took a trip to Spain! We learned so much about the Hispanic culture! From the things they wear and eat, to the things they sing and do! We got to eat ‘pan dulce’ (sweet bread) and create a character ready and dressed to go to Spain! We also made a terribly big mess! But a creative mess is better than tidy idleness!

We love hands on learning!