FourteenSix Christian Academy Campus Teacher’s Aide

Teacher’s Aides are parents who want to be more involved with their children’s education at the Academy. They assist the teachers in the classroom and provide yard duty. Their main functions are to aid the teachers in helping children to complete their goals, testing, entering grades, goal checks and the general running of the classroom. During yard duty, they supervise the safety of the children before Academy hours, during lunch and breaks.

Teacher Aiding is also a way for parents to reduce tuition costs. Volunteering as a teachers aide for a 1/2 day, one day, two days or all three can significantly reduce tuition costs. Please see the Projected Fee Schedule for the year: Teacher’s Aide Tuition Reimbursement Form. In addition, being a teachers aide allows greater parental involvement and greatly enhances teaching and learning. Our maximum is two teacher’s aides working with a teacher. Since our maximum class size is 24 students per teacher, this situation may result in an 8 to one student to adult ratio throughout the day. Some teacher’s aides do not volunteer all three days so there may be times when only one teacher’s aide is scheduled.

Teacher’s Aide positions are permanent for the entire Academy year. We take new applications for teacher’s aide positions during the enrollment period, when we have openings, and throughout the year to fill vacant spots. The positions vary for full and half days, depending on the grade and classroom size. FourteenSix Academy does its best to select and place each teacher’s aide where he/she is best suited. Teacher’s aide training is offered during the summer before the Academy starts and again during the year for refreshing guidelines, goals, and ideas.

Each applicant that is accepted will receive an acceptance letter and will be required to submit information to authorize the Academy to do a background check before they can work with students.

One of the main reasons FourteenSix Christian Academy can provide a quality education and a loving atmosphere is because of our caring, dedicated teacher’s aide. The teacher’s aide at the Academy play a huge role in our success.

NOTE: There is no “multiple child” discount for families receiving the teacher’s aide discount.

Volunteer Opportunities 

  • Help with the ART SHOW.
  • Help with a mail out.
  • Be a room parent.
  • Sub for a Teacher’s Aide.
  • Drive on a field trip.
  • Organize a Mission Outreach.
  • Organize a closet.
  • Assist in the office.
  • Do a science project w/ the class.
  • Be a Mr. or Mrs. “Fix It”
  • Work days on campus.
  • Shop for the teacher or office.
  • Parking lot greeter.
  • Decorate a classroom wall.
  • Do a devotion with a class.
  • Help with END OF YEAR event.
  • Help run a fundraiser.
  • Organize a HOT LUNCH.
  • Plan a field trip.
  • Childcare during Staff Meetings
  • Open House / Back to The Academy Night