FourteenSix Christian Academy Curriculum

BJU Press Education Philosophy:

As Christians, we have a greater purpose in education than simply gathering knowledge.  The more we learn in every subject, the more we understand about our God and His work.  Our textbooks are written with the ultimate goal of training each student to think about the world the way God does.

The Christian worldview shines through every BJU Press textbook, enabling students to see God’s hand in science, math, history, literature, fine arts, and language.  Our goal is to train students to think right so that they will make right decisions for themselves, their families, and their world.

How We Do It

  • Emphasis on truth, with God’s revelation as the standard
  • Biblical perspective on events, people, and literature
  • Special feature sections, such as “Math and Scripture”
  • Activities that correlate science and stewardship
  • Focus on the importance of language in communicating truth

Critical Thinking

Our textbooks challenge each student to think about the topic he is studying and then interpret and apply what he has learned.  We believe that learning is more than memorizing facts, dates, and equations.  Our textbooks are designed to fully equip students to excel in their lives and careers.

How We Do It

  • Clear explanation of concepts
  • Comprehension questions
  • Skill-building problems
  • Hands-on activities
  • Essay questions

Teacher Importance

As the Christian school teacher or homeschool parent, you are the key in Christian education, so we designed our textbooks to support you.  Our Teacher’s Editions include lesson plans, teaching tips, and supplementary materials.  These extra resources ensure that you have everything you need at your fingertips, including the flexibility to adapt the material for different learning styles and challenges.

How We Do It

  • Adaptable lesson plans with supplementary materials
  • Activities and demonstrations for hands-on learners
  • Additional information and exercises for quick learners
  • More explanation and clarification for steady learners

Love of learning

When a student enjoys learning, he retains information better and constantly seeks out new knowledge.  Our textbooks make it easy for young people to love learning.  Each subject covers more than just bare facts; it includes the extra details, special features, and real-life applications that make learning fun.

How We Do It

  • Clear explanation of topics
  • Questions that generate discussion and exploration
  • High-interest details about people, places, and events
  • Activities, demonstrations, and real-life examples to illustrate concepts
  • Career features that link to the subject
  • Colorful maps, charts, photos, and illustrations


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