Kindergarten students are nurtured in a loving, caring environment that provides a strong foundation for academics, social and spiritual growth.

The full-day Kindergarten program at FourteenSix Christian Academy focuses on reading, writing & phonics with BJU curriculum. This curriculum makes provisions for individual differences using songs, colorful pictures in charts & workbooks, along with practice & review. Phonemic awareness is emphasized as students identify beginning, middle, and ending sounds. Decoding words is made easier by focusing on predictable patterns.



Reading for Kindergarten addresses all levels of developmental thinking…

LITERAL: young learners/listeners should be able to tell what the speaker said

CRITICAL: he/she should give some type of judgment or conclusion

INTERPRETIVE: these questions involve thought & the drawing of inferences about what the speaker said

APPRECIATIVE: what the listener heard that will help him love learning; why he/she liked the story


BJU Math is the curriculum used to teach & introduce mathematical concepts this year. Every lesson is taught within a farm framework. Several lessons are scheduled for home day teaching and parents will be required to teach and make sure their Kindergarten student understands the new concepts. At times, directions will be sent home so that BJU guidelines for each lesson can be followed. Regular checkups will be given which will be used to compile a grade for students on report cards.

Biblical truths are taught through daily devotional studies and weekly memorization of Bible verses.