Kindergarten students are nurtured in a loving, caring environment that provides a strong foundation for academics, social and spiritual growth.

The full-day Kindergarten program at FourteenSix Christian Academy focuses on growing at the grammar stage with a focus on memorization, phonics and reading development, and hands-on science projects.  Biblical truths are taught through daily devotional studies and weekly memorization of Bible verses.

In raising followers of Jesus Christ, we have a greater purpose in education than simply gathering knowledge.  The more we learn in every subject, the more we understand about our God and His work.

Your children are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, not in the image of a machine or conveyor belt school system. We are not only entrusted with your child’s education and safety but, more importantly, we are entrusted with cultivating the souls of your children and equipping them to become devoted followers of Christ with a strong Biblical worldview. Each child is exceptional, with unique strengths and weaknesses and deserves the personal attention and love that you, as a parent, would provide them at home.

FourteenSix Christian Academy is more than your average private school. We serve as an extension of your family, devoted to Biblical mentorship through a hybrid classical education.

The Christian worldview shines through each subject, enabling students to see God’s hand in science, math, history, literature, fine arts, and language.  Our goal is to disciple, train up, and cultivate a love of learning in students to think right so that they will make right decisions for themselves, their families, and their world.

Our discipleship-based classical academic model focuses on:

  • Emphasis on truth, with God’s Word as the standard
  • Biblical worldview focus in all subject matter
  • Hands-on science and chemistry through Apologetics
  • Focus on the importance of logic, reasoning, and proper language in communicating truth
  • Cultivate a love of learning through the classical model of teaching
  • Math memory and mastery K-8