FourteenSix Christian Academy

FourteenSix Christian Academy is a ministry of FourteenSix Christian Church in Surprise, Arizona. The facility is owned by the church and Pastor Patrick Marks is the superintendent of the Academy. The teachers and staff at FourteenSix Academy are in reality employees of the church. Our teachers may or may not have credentials from the State of Arizona. All have a great deal of experience and we believe God has gifted and appointed our staff to team with parents to successfully educate their children. The Elder board at FourteenSix Church serves as the FourteenSix Christian Academy Board of Directors as well.

FourteenSix Christian Church began as a church plant from Foothills Christian Church based in El Cajon, California. We first opened our doors in February, 2004 and have grown from being a mobile church meeting in school gymnasiums with a handful of members; to a vigilant, growing church with over 200 attendees at two services meeting in our permanent 10,500 square foot facility. Our vision as a church, from our foundation, has included a desire to see a Christian school as part of our ministry. It is only recently, since we purchased our facility, that we have been able to see the realization of this vision.

FourteenSix Christian Academy is based on the unique “home-school hybrid” concept pioneered by our mother church, Foothills Christian Church. Both Foothills and FourteenSix realize there are many families who struggle with an education dilemma:

How can parents provide the proven superiority of a home-school education or a private education without breaking the bank?

Many parents would love to home-school but cannot makes ends meet on a single income. Some parents have attempted to home-school only to find they may not know exactly HOW to home-school. Other parents have discovered they are in need of outside help with home-school but don’t know where to turn. Finally, some parents simply don’t feel gifted in the area of education, as well as find an affordable Christian school with a Biblical worldview.

These serious concerns led to the “home-school hybrid” concept. FourteenSix Christian Academy provides three days of classroom instruction (Tuesday through Thursday) combined with two days of home-school (Mondays and Fridays). This hybrid model combines the best elements of Christian classroom based instruction with the benefits of home -school at a price approximately 1/3 the cost of a traditional, five day per week Christian education. Parents are now able to enjoy home-school in a manner that isn’t overwhelming with strong support from dedicated teachers trained in a Biblical world-view.

This model has been a fantastic success at our mother church in California and our first year has been a great success here in Arizona as well. Foothills began their school in 1996 and the response was so great, attendance at the elementary school doubled in the first year. By the second year, a high school, and as of 2014 Foothills has expanded to offer K-12 education at three facilities.

Foothills has graciously shared all of their wisdom and experience gained since 1996 to help FourteenSix Christian Academy open its doors. We are not reinventing the concept but duplicating the successful model pioneered by Foothills.