Parent Commitment

  • We will oversee, on a daily basis, our student’s progress in accomplishing his/her weekly goals.
  • We will stay informed by reading: the Academy handbook, all Academy communications, etc.
  • We will regularly communicate to FourteenSix Academy regarding our student’s progress.
  • We will support the Rules of Conduct and Dress Code as well as the Classroom & Conflict Resolution Policies (Matthew 18 Principle).
  • We will observe Academy hours and have our child dropped off and picked up on time.
  • We will meet our financial obligation to FourteenSix Christian Academy in a timely manner, or communicate temporary arrangements.
  • We will fulfill our six (6) hours (per child, per year) of volunteer time required before May 30th, or pay $48 per student. Examples of volunteer opportunities will be provided to us by the Academy.
  • We will support FourteenSix Christian Academy fundraisers by meeting the Academy requirement fundraisers through participation in at least ONE required fundraiser per year.  

Student Commitment

  • I will demonstrate and commit to the following attitudes and behavior:
  • I will show respect to my parent and teacher.
  • I will show respect to all FourteenSix teachers, teacher’s aide and staff members.
  • I will diligently seek excellence in all assignments given to me by my parents and teachers.
  • I will treat others as Christ would wish me to treat them.
  • I will show reverence to the Bible and to the Christian and American flags.
  • I will be aware of and follow ALL the rules and guidelines established by FCA.
  • I will show proper care of all Academy property at all times.

If any of these commitments are broken, FourteenSix reserves the right to cancel enrollment.