Stanford Norm-Referenced Achievement Test

FourteeStanford 10 Achievement SeriesnSix Christian Academy will administer this annually, in the spring, to students in grades 2-6.

The Stanford achievement test allows for most of the child’s scores to be defined on how he or she did on the test compared with other students, from other schools, in the same grade, across the nation who took the test at about the same time in the year.

Students cannot pass or fail a test such as the Stanford 10, nor are results used to assign grades. Test results give educators an objective picture of how your child or the average child in a specific grade is progressing in the Academy. Scores can help to show whether a student is doing better in some subjects that in others and whether a student is improving in certain areas from year to year. In addition, test scores demonstrate the effectiveness of the Academy’s program in comparison to other programs nationally. In the event a student returns to a public school, these test results are needed to help with the transition.