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Our prayer is that every seed that is planted today will be cherished, watered, and cultivated to grow into blessings for our future generation.  We believe every child should have the opportunity for a Christian education.  Thank you for your support in making this possible! 


Donate to FourteenSix Christian Academy’s Annual Fund


Annual Fund Giving

The Annual Fund is called the Annual Fund because we need your help each and every year to enrich FourteenSix Christian Academy educational opportunities! Traditionally, a school’s Annual fund gives flexibility and added strength to the Academy’s operating budget and allows us to channel energy where it’s most needed at any given time and to undertake projects that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. 

We are a small 501(c) 3 non-profit organization with a very limited budget.  We have a strong commitment to offering an outstanding educational experience to our students while keeping the annual tuition costs for our families low. (Our tuition is $3,750; about 1/3 of the cost of average private school tuition in Arizona.)  Therefore, we need the support – at any level – of everyone within our FourteenSix community.  The more we contribute, the more we achieve!

Gifts to the Annual Fund allow the administration to determine where your gift will make the greatest impact such as Financial Aid, internal scholarships, technology, playground improvement, and improved teacher salary. 

Your contribution to the Annual Fund helps your children by:

  • Keeping tuition costs low
  • Maintaining small class sizes
  • Providing high-quality programs
  • Improving and maintaining the building and grounds
  • Providing financial aid to those in need
  • Providing better teacher salaries
  • Improving technology


How is my gift to the Annual Fund used?
The Annual Fund helps fund essentials outside the Academy’s small operating budget, including professional development, curriculum enhancement, supplies, technology,  financial aid, and more. These gifts are essential to the Academy’s excellence and financial strength.

How can I help FCA with its Annual Fund?
You can make your gift today! You can also encourage your friends and family to support the FCA Annual Fund by making a tax-deductible donation.

Doesn’t tuition cover these expenses?
Tuition revenue does provide 100 percent of the Academy’s operating budget, but FCA relies upon annual fund giving, and other non-tuition revenue to enhance the Academy’s  resources and help ensure that our students and teachers are well cared for.  Tuition increases can be controlled through the budget-relieving support that the Annual Fund provides.

If I can only make a small gift, does it make an impact?
YES, it certainly does! Your gift, combined with those from parents, grandparents, and friends, provides substantial support for the ongoing program needs of the Academy. Every gift is an expression of support for FourteenSix Christian Academy and every gift matters.

How can I make a gift?
There are many ways to give a gift – check, credit card, and online donations are accepted.  


Other Opportunities to Give:


ACSTO logo


If you’re an Arizona taxpayer, you can make a donation to ACSTO and receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit in return! But what does that mean?

At the end of the year, if you typically get a refund, you’ll get a bigger refund. If you typically owe, you’ll owe less.

This is because a tax credit is different than a normal charitable deduction—rather than reduce your taxable income, it directly reduces your state tax liability(a.k.a. the tax you pay). For example, if your tax liability (obligation) is $1000, and you make a $750 donation to ACSTO, your liability will be reduced by $750—meaning that your tax liability will only be $250! Keep in mind, if you usually receive a refund, a tax credit makes it bigger—it is to your advantage to participate in this program.

In addition, you can make a donation all the way up until April 15th (your donation must be made prior to filing your taxes—if you are filing an extension your donation needs to be made by April 15), and still claim it for the previous tax year!

The best part? ACSTO uses your tax credit donation to award tuition scholarships for Christian School students attending one of our Partner Schools – like FourteenSix Christian Academy!

When you make a donation, you can identify a specific school, or even recommend a specific student to receive a scholarship!

Because of your support, thousands of families, who otherwise couldn’t, have been able to afford Christian Education—none of this is possible without you!

What are you waiting for? Over 70,000 Arizona taxpayers have already joined us to make Christian Education a reality for over 30,000 students! Point the way for Arizona students today!


You can donate online through the Donor Portal – selecting FourteenSix Christian Academy. If you’ve never donated to ACSTO before, you’ll have the opportunity to create an account, which enables you to view your previous donation history and print your receipt, as well as makes donating next year even quicker. If you don’t want to create a Donor Portal account, you can also Donate as a Guest.