What To Do When You Have Nothing Left

Genesis 42: 36 (NKJV) And Jacob their father said to them, “You have bereaved me: Joseph is no more, Simeon is no more, and you want to take Benjamin. All these things are against me.”

There was a famine in the land of Canaan and Jacob’s sons had gone to Israel to buy food. Jacob thought his son Joseph was dead when, in fact, his other sons had sold Joseph as a slave into Egypt and lied to Jacob saying that he had died. From Jacob’s perspective, everything was falling apart. The ruler of Egypt had taken his son Simeon as a hostage and was demanding Benjamin as well. The situation looked bleak.

But we know that the ruler of Egypt was none other than Joseph, Jacob’s lost son. Joseph was testing his brothers to see if they would sell out Simeon or Benjamin to save their own skins. When they passed the test in Genesis chapter 45, Joseph revealed himself as their brother and sent for his father Jacob. Everything that Jacob thought was conspiring against him was actually lining up to save the lives of Jacob’s entire family. God had a plan and even though Jacob could not see it, his adversity was actually part of the solution to his problem.

This is also true in our lives. If we serve God, in the end, things will work out because God promises…“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28). We just have to hang in there, continue to be thankful and trust God that He will work things out – just like things worked out for Jacob.

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